The Making of a Blueware Vase by Glithero

London based designers Glithero are masters at documenting their creation process. Although I have seen their Blueware Vases before I hadn’t seen this beautiful ‘making of’ film. The process used is called cyanotypes, where direct impressions of botanical specimens are captured on earthenware, using photosensitive chemicals. 

The vases are coated with photosensitive dye before pressed plants are applied to the surface. The vases are then exposed to ultraviolet light, causing the dye to react. The exposed areas of the vase turn an intense Prussian blue, while the parts protected by the plants remain white, creating a crisp silhouette of the plant.

via Lin-Morris 

The Firste Cycle
Stop motion animation

On the 4th of October 2011, byBorre had his first Paris fashion show entitled: the First Cycle – the story from the yarn to the show.The show started with a visualisation of a creative production process in a stop-motion animation.

In fashion the production process is something you hardly get to see  and for byBorre that is just as important as for the final pieces.

Concept : Borre Akkersdijk
Script : Borre Akkersdijk & Niels Hoebers
Stop motion : Niels Hoebers
3D & Post production : FINK
Music : Sound Circus


What do words like “craft” and “skill” mean in 2011? That is one of the questions that the exhibition ‘Power of Making’ seeks to answer. This film delves into the working lives of four makers: shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer, crochetdermist Shauna Richardson, artist, curator and glass designer Matt Durran and flute-maker Stephen Wessel. It uncovers processes of thought and making that are as fascinating, complex and contemporary as the exhibition itself.

A short film directed by Studio Jo Meesters. Synopsis: Die Ordnung is about the process of PULP in the making which is shown at the In Residence’s exhibition called Ten Small Atlases during the Salone Del Mobile 2010.

In collaboration with Lisa Klappe and Niek Pulles.

Be Linen Movie :
Director: Benoit Millot | Producer: Goodideas
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2010 | Story Teller’s Country: France 

Synopsis: By diving into the world of linen, we discovered an unknown continent just next to us. As evidence, we rediscover an old material that is firmly in our future. Linen is a link between modernity and our ancient cultures, a human and ultramodern agriculture. We are looking for something natural, for a material that respects itself and respects us, a key to go back to a better consumption. Linen incorporates us into a continent, Europe, in which production and culture are excellent and cannot be relocated. All along its culture and production line, we can feel the same passion that repeats and amplifies, from fields to store shelves. Linen has its own philosophy, its own land, its humanism. This film is an invitation to this discovery, to a rediscovery of a sense that we would give our life, our actions - the finest materials we want to populate our daily lives.